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10. Preparation, characterization of raw corncob adsorbent for removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solution using the batch method

Tura Melese, Kasahun Chala*, Yihune Ayele, and Mitiku Abdisa.

Afr. J. Pure Appl. Chem., Vol.14(4), pp. 81-90, October 2020.


9. Integral Tau method for fourth-order ordinary differential equations with third-degree overdetermination

V. O. Ojo and R. B. Adeniyi*

Afr. J. Math. Comput. Sci. Res., Vol.13(2), pp. 66-73, July 2020.


7. Fatty acid profile and quality parameters of Ceiba pentandra (L.) seed oil: A potential source of biodiesel

Papin Sourou MONTCHO, Léopold TCHIAKPE, Guevara NONVIHO, Fifa Théomaine Diane BOTHON, Assou SIDOHOUNDE, Cokou Pascal AGBANGNAN DOSSA, David BESSIERES,Anna CHROSTOWSKA, and Dominique Codjo Koko SOHOUNHLOUE*

J. Pet. Technol. Altern. Fuels, Vol.9(3), pp. 14-19, December 2018


7. Heavy metal concentration and public health risk in consuming Sardinella maderensis (Sardine), Sarotherodon melanotheron (Tilapia), and Liza falicipinis (Mullet) harvested from Bonny River, Nigeria

Celina Obeka and Aroloye O. Numbere*

J. Oceanogr. Mar. Sci., Vol.11(1), pp. 1-10, January 2020


6. Social media and catharsis in Africa: Examining the role of WhatsApp in venting stress in women

Gregory Gondwe and Evariste Some*

J. Internet Inf. Syst., Vol.9(1), pp. 1-7, July 2020


5. Numerical and laboratory investigation of the effect of soil reinforcement on the settlement of strip foundations

Forough Ashkan* and Hossein Sadighi

J. Geol. Min. Res., Vol.12(4), pp. 107-117, October 2020


4. Determination of Heavy Metals in Wastewater and Their Toxicological Implications around Eastern Industrial Zone, Central Ethiopia

Dagne Bekele Bahiru

J. Environ. Chem. Ecotoxicol., Vol.12(2), pp. 72-79, July 2020.


3. Analysis and feasibility of 50 kWp self-consumption solar photovoltaic system for four Senegalese typical climatic zones using PVsyst software

Adama Sarr*, Cheikh Mohammed Fadel Kebe, and Ababacar Ndiaye

Int. J. Phys. Sci., Vol.15(4), pp. 201-212, October 2020.


2. Catalytic activity of using tungsten oxide with hydrogen peroxide for methyl orange degradation

Séverin N’goran EROI, Aimé Serge ELLO*, Donourou DIABATE, Diby Benjamin OSSONON, and Jocelin Martial YAO.

Afr. J. Pure Appl. Chem., Vol.14(4), pp. 69-80, October 2020.


1. A Focus on Riemann’s Hypothesis


Afr. J. Math. Comput. Sci. Res., Vol.13(2), pp. 85-91, July 2020.



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